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June has been designated as National Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Month and what better time to celebrate the season's bounty? Summer in Tennessee means lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whether bought at your local farmer's market or ones you might grow yourself.  To find a great farmer's market in your area, visit our friends at Pick Tennessee Products! They are a wonderful resource to us here at Live Green Tennessee.  Looking for a way to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet? Why not try some new recipes? This is a fun way to experiment and... Read More
   Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee draws people from around the world to Camp, Meditate, Move and Celebrate  NASHVILLE, Tenn. – May 13, 2013 – Crazy Owl Memorial Day Weekend Retreat holds its annual event from May 24-27, 2013, at 300-acre Long Hungry Creek Farm in Red Boiling Springs (located 70 miles from Nashville and 40 miles from Cookeville). The early-bird cost to attend is $50 per adult, until May 1. After that, tickets are $65. Kids under 15 years of age attend for free. Price includes all workshops, live music and a primitive campsite. Register at... Read More
May is National Bike Month and since we're all about promoting ways to be healthier and live more productive lives, we wanted to devote a blog post to biking on our Ladybug McGreen blog! Riding a bike is not just a fun way to spend your time. It helps you lead a healthier life! Did you know that May is also National Blood Pressure Month? It's possible that biking and lowering your blood pressure could go hand in hand. Check out these benefits to biking in the cartoon below.  There are many benefits to cycling, both for your mental and physical health as well as the environment.... Read More
Have you ever wondered about the history of Earth Day? Many folks consider April 22 to be the 'birth of the modern environmental movement.' It all started in 1970. Hippies and flower-children were all over the news. Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson was inspired to hold Earth Day because of the previous year's massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. The first Earth Day capitalized on "the emerging consciousness, channeling the energy of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns front and center."  Since then, Earth Day has been held... Read More
Did you know April is National Lawn & Garden Month? Whether you have a large amount of space or a small yard, you can still make your space beautiful. One way to enjoy a garden is by creating a raised bed! This infographic shows you how.  Read More
Did you know March has been designated as National Nutrition Month? There are many ways you can improve your health and wellness by paying attention to your nutrition. One way you can change your nutrition is by making small changes to the foods you eat each day.   Healthcoach Bri Lamberson is passionate about this! A member of the International Association of Health Coaches, Bri works with folks who want to improve their nutrition and health. Bri appeared on an East Tennessee morning news program recently where she shared this fabulous recipe for a healthier alternative to a popular... Read More
Houseplants are a wonderful addition to any home. They make things more cheery and are a great way to bring the outside in. But did you know that having houseplants provides many health benefits? From stress relief to decreased blood pressure and cleaner air, having plants in your house or apartment is a great idea! Check out the infographic below for more ways that having houseplants makes you happier and healthier.    INFOGRAPHIC: One Simple Green Secret To Get More Done – An infographic by the team at Artificial Plants and Trees   Read More
You probably recycle, right? If you don't, why not? Some people say it's because they aren't sure what exactly can be recycled and what can't. The below infographic should answer all the questions anyone might have about what can be recycled. It even illustrates what recycled items are turned into. No more excuses! Happy Recycling!  Council Recycle infographic by infographicdesignteam. Read More
Did you ever stop to think about how our ecosystem is a delicate balance? Many species play a role in that, including frogs. Frogs help control the insect population and they are also a food source for many larger animals. Environmental changes can be bad for frogs. They are also losing their homes and habitats to developments. Other problems for frogs are garbage and chemicals that humans throw away. To learn more about how you can help frogs, visit this website.        Read More
  The winter winds might be blowing outside your window, but it's not too early to start thinking about what you will be planting this growing season (and all the gardeners and farmers just said a collective 'yay!'). Before you do any actual planting, it's important that you do some planning so that everything is planted at the most opportune time for your area.The USDA has a great plant hardiness zone map that will help you determine which zone you live in. Tennessee zones can be a bit tricky because there are several that comprise our state. Also, use common sense... Read More

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