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Revisit the family farm through the eyes of youth with sisters Heritage and Blue Bird as they share their day to day experiences working and playing on the family farm.

Well, Mom here – filling in until next week. It has been crazy since October, planting and weeding the fall/winter crops (lettuce, kale, spinach, arugula, baby choi, bak choy, mustards, collards, turnips, carrots, beets). We had such a good thing going. Ate what we could. Covered the delicate crops (lettuce, kale, choys, mustards) and things were going great. Then sometime in the middle of November, a big gust of wind blew my plastic cover off my low hoop house during the “freezing” night, and all was gone. I wanted to cry, but as my youngest says, “that's life on... Read More
  Bluebird here, Happy autumn, my favorite thing mom cooks this time of the year is great beef stew poured into a hollowed out pumpkin and then baked for an hour. What’s also great is our chickens are laying a bunch of eggs. The other day our fields were hayed, only with a large bailer (goats are easier to feed hay with square bales). Last Saturday we went to the farmers market early to set up, and it was really cold (thankfully it warmed up), there was apples, corn, (great) pumpkins, mums, eggs, and a wide variety of greens along with some other vegetables. your suppose to... Read More
Gosh we’ve been so busy these last two weeks. For starters a bunch of garden friends come over for a party and we let them tour the garden. Let's see, we picked peaches from a friends garden and mom made peach preserves, and we also picked fresh grapes and mom made grape juice (I don’t know if its safe to drink or not- moms never made grape juice before ):p Gosh I hope we're not the only ones with major bug problems, aka the blister beetle and the harlequin bug are just eating us alive (not literally just the plants). I mean they're everywhere: on the tomatoes, on... Read More
Alright, whoa! I did the ACT Test for the first time recently and man, I had a bad case of nerves, I don’t know why? I have God on my side and I know I can do the test again; I just got nervous, I was also pretty sick during the ACT Test, but I'm cleared up now. I learned that I have to really cram  when it comes to studying even during the summer, but I’ll survive. I learned one thing along time ago by my dad that  it is all in your attitude and between farming, studying, drawing (which I LOVE to do), playing Halo 3 and writing our Blog, I try to keep a good... Read More
Hello,  Blue Bird here, Our peonies are blooming. What my sister didn’t stress on is that this is our first year doing cover crops and that we have two types: buckwheat and crimson clover. What we are eating and selling: baby carrots, strawberries, spinach, lettuce and radishes. What we have planted: eggplant, flowers, gourds, kohlrabi, beans, tomatoes, peppers, red noodle beans, bush beans and herbs.  (Now we are in the process of mulching it all.) Mom has just bought 20 blueberry plants which we will repot (while we try to find a place to plant them) and get the soil... Read More
Wow, hey there. I guess this is my second blog, ever since my little sister Bluebird took over and I have been using all my free time to play Knights of the Old Republic on the xbox 360. The days are getting longer and hotter which always bugged me, I never did like hot days, but sadly there are the times when the garden needs work that most be done and I have to be in the sun weeding. Well, as the temperature expands so does our garden, more plants and fresh food. Even though I don’t like tomatoes, we have more than ever, two whole rows more, and we planted our first cover crop,... Read More
Hello- it’s Blue Bird here. Mom says that it is going to rain for the next four days. Rain is good for the garden but to much rain is not. We have ‘de-horned’ the rest of the baby goats, I know dehorning doesn’t sound pretty, but it needs to be done – so our goats won’t get stuck in the fence or hurt each other when playing (especially when their udders get full in the future) . We also have started milking two out of the three goats and will soon be milking the third. Oh and when I say “we” I mean my older sister. I finally let my baby chicks... Read More
Hello. First I must say I’m sorry for not writing, but our computer crashed. We have also been busy. To bring you up to date, I bought six baby Rhode Island Red chicks and they seem to be healthy. The other two pregnant goats gave birth. One had a baby goat we named Ester, it was a healthy single birthing and ‘she’ is doing well. Soon we will “dehorn’ her. The other goat had two babies, one named Star, the girl, and one named Charles, the boy.  Also we got another half-acre tilled by a neighbor (see photo) to which I most grudgingly have to weed. The next... Read More
Hello Readers,       I’m called "Blue Bird" and I’m "Heritage’s" sister, and I’m here to fill in the blanks. We have had a baby goat, for the last 2 years, this doe gave birth to twins, but this time she gave birth to only one. It was a healthy birthing and now we have a beautiful baby girl (thank goodness it’s a girl) named Daisy, The other two does (female goats)  are still pregnant. We use to have a bunch of laying hens but they got eaten up by raccoons, so now I’m left with my bandies (small chickens... Read More
Dear Readers,      Hi there, I am your teenage view of the farm, aka "Heritage." Now I have never done this before so bear with me please. My blog here is to tell you what I am doing on the farm, well seeing as I am sick and it is raining I have done nothing so far. Imagine that, the first day of spring and I got a bad cold. Oh well, life goes on. We have been doing farm work, a little late, seeings we had a this rain and cold spell, but we did our best. So drum roll please and sit back and read. The first thing we did was clean, not the fun part but the... Read More

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